I would like to elaborate why postponing a cancelled African holiday due to the covid-19 situation makes such a big difference.

As one of our suppliers, Wilderness Safaris, puts it into words perfectly: A cancelled trip has a massive social and environmental impact all the way down the supply chain. It limits community and concession revenue, and hurts the anti-poaching efforts underway to protect ecosystems. While elevated levels of travel clearly help the safari operator, it also provides huge support to our communities, our wild spaces and the governments of the countries within which we operate.
Delaying rather than cancelling a booking helps the local communities, the wildlife, the local staff and the industry partners.

From African Twist Travel’s side I would like to invite all our travel clients to be a part of supporting Africa and all the people who depend on tourism to make a living, simply by postponing their trip if they cannot travel this year. It will make all the difference. Thank you so much!